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Vastu Shastra

As per Matsya Purana, there was a demon named Andhakasur who was killed by Lord Shiva after a long fight between them. As the fight prolonged for a long time, lord Shiva was sweating copiously. A man was born out of the drops of Shiva’s sweat that was very cruel and was very hungry.

Therefore, he decided to trick Lord Shiva and ask him for a boon. Since Lord Shiva is a Vaishnava, a devotee of the Supreme Lord Krishna, he is very easily pleased with any austerity performed to appease him. The man demanded for the permission to eat up all the three worlds. Lord Shiva being bound by his promise offered him the boon. The demigods and rakshshas were terrified due to this and decided to hold down the man to the earth so as to protect the universe.

The man, thus suffered from excruciating pain and prayed to the demigods. Being pleased by his prayers lord Brahma bestowed him a boon that he would be worshipped by everyone when any plots or construction work is to be initiated. This man, became known as Vastu-Purusha has been in vogue and it has become compulsory for those who want to construct any kind of building.

Vastu Shastra deals with the positioning of the elements of a typical house so that they are in the right direction so as to channelize the energy flow in the house. When this channelization is obstructed, the Vastupurusha creates turmoil in the house and hence, starts to send negative energies which in turn, prove disastrous for people.


It is the scientific study of directions, which aims at creating equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of humans. .It is about how your habitat and your place of dwelling relates to you as a person and about how the surrounding has an impact on you.There is a great importance of Vastu Shastra in our life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity to knock our doors.

  • Architectural Vastu - This aspect is basically about the architectural points and about the general principles of construction of any building. Like how the east, west, north and south should be; what places/room should they have. What trees should be in the premises, what should be the ideal shape of the plot, etc. This is the most well-known, most practiced but slightly lesser in significance aspect of Vastu.
  • Interior Vastu - The same house does not offer the same result to its dwellers. All houses with temple in a particular direction or bedrooms in a particular shape do not offer good or bad health, peace happiness to people living in those. Every single family that lives in a house differs from the other in the life they live and the growth/decline they have. The second aspect is about the interiors, the furniture, the paints, etc that differs each time a new family comes in. Your house is not just the walls and the shape, but also the color, material, space, orientation etc of every single object in the house. Hence, no two families in the same house will ever experience same results of Vastu. Similar yes, same no.
  • Sectional Vastu - Not just two families, even two people living in the house do not live similar lives.If your temple is supposed to give you good results or bad results, it isnt the same for everyone in the family. It is rare that every single person living in the same house have the exact same pattern of life and ups/downs. It is quite possible that the father may be suffering in career, mother might be active and agile in old age but the son is doing great in studies and the daughter suffering in health. This aspect of Vastu deals with how individual effects vary for different people living in the very same house but in different rooms or floors. How Vastu changes for different rooms.
  • Personal Vastu (Astro-Vastu) - Not even two people living in the same room, have the same effects of a Vastu. People on the same bed too share different lives. Astro-Vastu, as it has been popularly called, is that aspect of Vastushastra which deals with how individual destiny and horoscopes affect the broader effect of Vastu for a person. Often, a house with a northern or eastern entrance can also give bad result to someone and a south one may prove very good. Often temple in the south may also bring in great success in career or give other positive results. This aspect of Vastu basically helps understand what exactly a 'perfect Vastu' is, customized just to the person. No general principles, nothing remains same for two people and results, arrangements, architectures etc are all customized for one person alone.


Many factors govern the life of a human being; his fate, karma, and Vastu of the place where he lives and work.Apart from the karma of a person, fate, and Vastu affect life’s quality. If the Vastu is poor but the fate of a person is good then results obtained can range from poor to mediocre; whereas if the Vastu is good and fate is unfavourable then the ill effects are minuscule.

It is important to follow Vastu Shastra guidelines while constructing a house, shop, or any other structure as it changes a man’s destiny for betterment.

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