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What is Manglik Dosh

Mangal dosha or Kujadosha or Chovvadosham is the combination in the birth chart or horoscope where Mars (also known as Mangal or Kuja) is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the Ascendant. A person with Mangal dosh in his natal chart is called Manglik. Mars is considered malefic when it is positioned in any of the mentioned houses and it leads to tensions, dissatisfactions and disasters in married life.

The actual reason behind why these houses produce Kuja Dosha should be understood logically. That is why I am giving house by house explanation -

Mars in the 1st house - Mars is a planet of boldness, and kind of dictator in nature. That is why Mars in ascendant can make a person too bold, aggressive, or too dominating. He might want to be the all in all in his family, while not paying a good attention to what others [Or his spouse] are saying. He will be easily involved in fights and will express himself rather directly. He might be also of short temper. This causes the major problem. Mars will also aspect the houses 4 (Happiness, family life), 7 (Spouse, married life) and 8 (Marital tie) and thus create problem in all these areas with ease. He will quickly create fights on unimportant issues.

Mars in the 2nd house - The placement of Mars makes the native to be quarrelsome or gets irritated fast with a loud mouth. Extravagant, harsh speech, adulterous nature, short tempered, wasteful expenses, sharp tongued, broken education, satirical, enjoy a large patrimony, bad tempered, aggressive, unpopular and awkward. However, native need to be careful of befriending evil-minded persons as their presence at his home may affect the marriage.

Mars in the 4th house - The planet of battle is in the house of family life, so battle in family! Mars deprives the native from domestic harmony; there are misunderstandings among the family members. Mars will cast his 4th aspect on the 7th house of spouse and marital life. In 4th house Mars loses his strength for direction and creates more and more trouble in family life.

Mars in the 7th house - There will be clash and unhappiness in married life and this is perhaps the worst of all KujaDoshas - a direct hit. Mars is a planet of abuse and violation and Mars being in 7th house very possibly can give violation in married life. In a female chart it might give physical or excessive mental torture from the husband. There will be also fight for the dominating power, and there might be lack of harmony in the sexual issues. The sexual and emotional needs of the partners might not match or might have a great difference. Mars might give over sexual desire / sickly sexual desire to the native or to his spouse and create mess in marital life for this issue. It might give a short tempered spouse.

Mars in the 8th house - The 8th house rules marital tie, from the 8th house we see the possibility of death of the spouse. Mars is the planet of accident, operation, assault from weapons and bleeding etc. - all of the things are ruled by 8th house. So being in the 8th house, Mars will be very eager to develop these tendencies. He might cause death of spouse, possibly through accident, operation or any other mishaps. Thus it can indicate an early death of the spouse. 8th house is also a house of hidden issues / immoral acts and Mars here can make the native / spouse be involved in hidden and sinful acts. When they come forward, storm blows in married life.

Mars in the 12th house - 12th house rules all kinds of losses and also the bed pleasure, i.e. sexual enjoyment. Mars here can give a native sickly desires or illegal unions with other people. Again, Mars will aspect the 7th house with its 8th aspect.

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