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Relationship Problems

Effects of Planets on relationship

Family is the pillar of everyone’s life. It provides the much-needed support in every aspect of life. Each and every member of the family has some responsibilities towards the other members of the family.  If there are no issues or problems prevailing in the family then a person can easily achieve success and fame. He can win on all other fronts as well. There are different combinations of the planetary positions and their locations in the houses that are considered and needed for making the judgments on the basis of the horoscopes.

A horoscope is the map of the position of the planets in the sky at the time of a person’s birth. It tells us all about the different facets of a person’s life. Astrologically each member is completely different from each other and each member is representing a different planet. Hence it is vital to elaborately study horoscope of each individual to predict their behaviour with each other.

Planets Governing Relationship

  • Venus is the factor for the wife in man’s horoscope.
  • Moon denotes mother, Sun denotes father, Mercury determine the relation with your sister and Mars is for brother.
  • Jupiter in woman’s horoscope indicates the husband.
  • Saturn gives idea about your paternal uncle.
  • Rahu indicates your in laws, if Rahu is not good then you won’t have good relations with your in laws.

House representing each relationship

Here is an enumeration of the family members and relatives represented by the twelve houses in birth horoscope.


Chart will come here as discussed

  • 1st house: The native; spouse's maternal grandmother; spouse's nephew/niece.
  • 2nd house: General family circle, including spouse; Father's maternal uncle/aunt.
  • 3rd house: Brothers and sisters, especially younger ones; father-in-law; father's nephew/niece; cousins from father's side.
  • 4th house: Mother; general maternal relatives.
  • 5th house: Children; off-springs; paternal grandfather; elder sibling's spouse.
  • 6th house: Maternal uncle/aunt, especially Mother's younger siblings.
  • 7th house: Spouse, life-partner; maternal grandmother; nephew/niece; Father's paternal uncle/aunt.
  • 8th house: Mother's second younger sibling; Father's grandparents.
  • 9th house: Father; spouse's younger siblings; elder sibling's elder sibling; younger sibling's spouse.
  • 10th house: Mother-in-law; mother's nephew/niece; cousins from mother's side.
  • 11th house: Elder siblings; daughter-in-law/son-in-law; paternal uncle/aunt.
  • 12th house: Maternal grandfather; paternal grandmother; maternal aunt's/uncle's spouse.

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